Mapping out the Terrain

After an hour of yoga and a half hour run, I think the dog is more tired than I am, but she still hops to attention when I announce a visit to the chicken tractor and garden.  A shepherd by breed, she is surprisingly gentle with our cats and chickens, sitting with her back to the coop and watching the fence line where just weeks ago there was a fox and her litter of kits.

This is our tractor when we built it in late April, prior to Spring actually taking hold.

We currently keep four Rhode Island Reds in a modified-A Frame chicken tractor that we designed and built the day before the chickens arrived.  In the raised A-Frame, there are roosts and laying boxes, while the rest of the structure remains open, fitted with chicken wire to protect the girls from foxes and coyotes, and anything else that might enjoy a chicken supper.  Initially, we designed the tractor with handles, so it could be lifted by two people and moved every morning, but after about a week, the boyfriend and a few of his friends attached wheels to one end, so it can now be rolled like a wheel barrow across our wide, flat side-field.

My project for the next few days is to research and start work on a compost pile/bin/container (design to be determined).  I’ll keep you posted.


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