Back from Vacation

After a lovely two weeks of visiting family and friends all over the east coast, I returned to an overgrown garden and a wealth of fresh strawberries at the local berry farm which also supplies Christmas trees in the winter and pumpkins in the fall.  Yesterday morning, I got up early to do our marketing, and eager to begin canning (a new hobby… today will be my first attempt) — I picked nine pounds of strawberries in just under an hour, hulled and washed them, and prepped them for jam (post to follow).

Last night, in lieu of getting the chickens back (our trailer hitch wasn’t the right size for the trailer that the coop fits on), we weeded the garden, rototilling between rows and marveling at the size of the potato and tomato plants.  We  also ate our first meal of entirely garden provided vegetables (sesame chicken salad), harvesting butter crunch lettuce, small red onions, radishes, and peas.

Today’s goal is to put up about a dozen jars of strawberry preserves, made without pectin.  The recipe will follow later this afternoon.