Returning to the Garden

After a particularly long hiatus,  trip overseas, and first productive year of gardening, I’ve decided to try this blogging thing again.

My goals this year are pretty simple: blog the garden.  And what a garden it’s going to be!  My fiance and I have decided to, once the garden is in full production, try to make it a year without purchasing vegetables.  We’ve already purchased a large chest freezer for the basement, planted a variety of seedlings (for those plants that take longer), started collecting canning supplies, and fixed the pump on our well (at least it was a good time of year to have it go – if there ever is a good time of year).

In addition to our usual 25’x50′ vegetable garden, we’re adding 4 10’x10′ plots for squash, watermelon, potatoes and pumpkins, four high bush blueberry plants, 20 strawberry plants, Jerusalem artichokes, four raspberry plants, and we’re pruning the old transparent apple in the backyard, hoping to see some results.  We’re also expecting the delivery of 27 Buff Orpington chickens in about three weeks.

Our garden is still under a few inches of snow… but please come back, as spring has finally started to gain some ground here, and things will be turning green soon.


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