The Great Cookbook Search

I love books.  Nothing makes me happier than spending a few hours in a small, independently owned bookstore (when I am close enough to civilization to actually find one) or unpacking a box full of books received through the mail via a variety of online booksellers.

As I’ve tried to build my  homesteading library, I’ve found a few that I’ve absolutely loved, but I’m always looking for more to round out those tasks that I just don’t know enough about.  A few of my favorites (which I’ve likely mentioned before) are  The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, The Backyard Homestead, Animal Vegetable Miracle, Preserving Summer’s Bounty, and How to Raise Chickens: Everything You Need to Know.

But as I move toward trying to use more of my hard-earned produce, I’ve also begun to realize that I need a little help filling that particular bookshelf.  I have my favorites, but they are primarily baking cookbooks (the trusty King Arthur Flour series), Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (which has changed our busy, busy lives for the better), Eating Well, Serves Two  (for those nights when there really are only twenty minutes to cook dinner), and many others. 

At a yard sale a few years back, I picked up Gardeners’ Community Cookbook, which is an interesting read, but not quite what I was looking for (I will admit that I’m always suspicious of yard sale cookbooks because I, personally, can’t fathom selling any of my must-use cookbooks).  I’m hoping to find a great cookbook that covers how to use fresh garden produce when its fresh (paired with other ingredients that are also coming into bloom at the same time (so I can lessen my carbon footprint by not going to the grocery store to buy eight or ten things that aren’t in season here so I can use the one or two things that are).  Even better would be a cookbook that’s a little more inclusive, recognizing that we’re omnivores (and the fiance is suspicious of dinners that contain no sign of meat).

I would love suggestions!  What are your favorite homesteading and cookbooks?


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