Christmas Eve Traditions

This is only the second Christmas I’ve spent away from home, and as much as I’m missing the younger siblings (who arrived home together at 5:30 this morning to surprise Mom instead of waiting until that time to leave their respective cities), it is nice to be spending my first holiday with my future in-laws and sleeping in my own bed.   So much of this holiday feels like the first steps toward building future family traditions, while still participating in the traditions that Jason and I grew up with.

Our holiday table (with cat in residence).

We woke this morning and made french toast with our own eggs, and I’m currently baking loaves of Portuguese Corn Bread (more like a really rustic artisan loaf than typical American cornbread) to bring to his Gram’s tonight for their annual family gathering.  Tomorrow morning, we’ll host our first Christmas breakfast at the house and tomorrow afternoon, we’ll go to his cousin’s for Christmas lunch.

This year's sewing project - two homemade stockings.

Hand-Stitched Stocking Detail.

Our cornbread recipe came from the great book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, which is my go-to cookbook for all things quick and bread-related.  I spent about six months on the fence about buying this book and it has been worth every penny.  I think my next cookbook purchase will likely be their Healthy Breadbook.

Freshly baked bread!


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