I had planned to write a long post today about looking forward to 2012, but like so many things that I intended to do in the last week, it got a bit derailed.  So, please, come back tomorrow for that post and the complete 2012 garden, wedding, cooking and sewing breakdown.

Tonight – instead – I want to talk about perspective.  Almost a month ago, I was diagnosed with a rare eye condition and for nearly three weeks struggled with the fact that I might be facing a prognosis that included not only blindness and the possibility of not being able to have children but eventual paralysis.   When I found out last Friday night that – yes, indeed, I do have that eye condition but it is entirely completely and totally benign and not a signal of a multitude of several terrifying conditions (and those prognoses above), I was allowed one of the truest moments of clarity and perspective in my adult life.

Here’s what’s really important: I have a family that loves me and that is healthy.  My fiance is a wonderful man and in only six short months, I can call him my husband.  We are truly blessed with a beautiful little piece of the world that we will hopefully be lucky enough to raise a family on,  and we are – despite the very difficult economy – both gainfully employed with careers that we enjoy. I have everything I need; I need to work more on wanting less and being satisfied with the simplicity of good health and family.

What was truly breathtaking about this experience was how quickly it put all of my daily gripes into perspective and helped me really figure out what is most important to me in the coming year in terms of our home, garden, wedding, family, chickens and spare time.  So tomorrow, I promise to write about our plans for 2012, which include a gift my grandfather gave  me while I was visiting family in Vermont, his old Earthway Precision Garden Seeder (out of use now that he’s no longer gardening).  Despite being likely more than twenty years old, the contraption is in great condition, and we can’t wait to put it to use this spring!

Until tomorrow… Happy New Year and please take a moment to be thankful for what is most important.


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