Saturday Meal Planning

Happy Saturday!  I say that, after getting rattled from sleep at 4:30 by an overzealous cat

Oscar... sleeping all day, so he can be up, knocking things over at all hours of the night.

and hungry Australian Shepherd (the cat knocked over my bedside lamp, while the dog whined at the back door as though our chicken coop were under attack, then proceeded to herd me to her food dish).  Ugh.  Since then, I discovered that our main light in the chicken coop blew out last night (though, I find it hard to believe that the dog wanted anymore than her cup of kibble at 4:30 since we didn’t make it to the coop until almost 7 a.m., and she was content to return immediately to bed after eating).  That replaced, I did manage to get into town for groceries after a very early bout of meal planning.

In our quest to try to eat more locally, I’ve focused most of this week’s meals around our own, home-grown chicken and vegetables.  Though, I was totally entranced by Food & Wine’s Italian Wedding Soup, which I’ll be trying later today and posting about tomorrow.  I was introduced to it over at Red Deer Foodie, and I imagine my version will end up being a mixture of the two.  I’ve talked a bit about meal planning here lately, so I thought I’d give you this week’s rundown, marking our own, homegrown ingredients with a *

Saturday                          Sunday                        Monday                        Tuesday 

Italian Wedding Soup     Roast Chicken*              Saturday’s Soup             Picnic Chicken*
Homemade Bread           Roasted Potatoes*         Homemade Bread          Green Beans*
Braised Carrots                                                                                                     Mashed Potatoes*
Homemade Bread

Wednesday                              Thursday                                      Friday
Homemade Chicken Stew*         Dinner w/ friends                        Roasted Vegetable Pizza
with extra veggies*                       but still making a                           with Feta Cheese
Homemade Dumplings               Mexican Chocolate Torte             &  Tomato Sauce*
&  Strawberry Preserves*

Today, I’m also making another batch of homemade granola and some kind of cookie to snack on since it’s still super chilly outside and one or two warm cookies will taste great after some snowshoeing!


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