Projects 2012

As the days get warmer (and I really do mean the days, it was -20 here on Tuesday night), we’ve started having more and more conversations about our summer projects.  I’ll readily admit that we may be taking on a bit much; however, since I’m not completing 16 graduate credits over the next six months, our list doesn’t seem as daunting as it did last year (when it was also noticeably shorter).  I’m hoping to discuss many of these projects here, as they are related to homesteading, home improvement, and – of course – chickens.

Already dreaming of warm summer days...

Homesteading Projects
Hatch Out & Raise 20 – 25 Chicks for Meat (2 to Add to Layers)
Build a New Chicken Tractor (see earlier post)
Build a Smaller, Moveable Chicken Pen that Fits Between Our Garden Rows and Houses 2 Girls
Clean Out the Chicken Compost & Relocate for Summer 2012 (and the wedding)
Whitewash the Chicken Coops
Set up a Drain Under the Indoor Coop’s Drip-Feeder
Plant & Harvest a Successful Garden that Provides our Vegetables through the Winter
*I plan to follow this with a later post
Can & Freeze Actively All Summer, Starting with Fiddleheads in April/May
Continue to Prune & Fertilize Fruit Trees/Bushes for 2013 Production
Plant the Asparagus Bed!

Home Repairs
Replace Roof (Contractor Hired, Money Saved, Just Waiting for Spring!)
Strip and Paint Trim
Sand & Stain Decks
Install Window Boxes on Back Porch (wedding/birthday project)
Work on Flower Beds (there may be a fairly steep learning curve here)
Replace Mailbox
Change Electrical Wiring to Chicken Coop (Under instead of Above Ground)
Replace Screen on Back Door

It is my hope to return to these lists in Fall 2012 and share our progress with you. What are you hoping to accomplish this Spring/Summer? Please feel free to leave some of your projects (or a link to your own lists) in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Projects 2012

  1. I will also start with fiddleheads in the spring
    Planting a large garden.
    I will start canning in August, so far this winter we have not had one store bought veg.
    but I’m hopeing our summer is not as wet as last summer because I plan to enjoy the swimming pool a little in between.

  2. Janice — This looks like a great list. We’re also eating very few store-bought veggies (cauliflower & eggplant are my two weaknesses). I’m also hoping for a drier summer and the healthier tomatoes that will hopefully come along with it!

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