Cabin Fever

It’s just about the middle of February.  The cats have cabin fever and have taken to the occasional, terrifying brawl, which basically consists of a lot of caterwauling, followed by the dog shoving herself bodily between them or, occasionally, sitting on our smallest cat until Buddy, the largest of the three, wanders off in a huff.  As a result, it has been a week of jangled nerves.

It occurs to me, as I pace around the house restlessly reading and re-reading the same three chapters of Ussery’s Small Scale Poultry Flock (husbandry, brooding, coop design) that I should have hit up the library for something that would have taken me away from my cabin fever, rather than wallowing in it and longing for those too-short summer weekends when we come in for lunch on Sunday afternoon and are shocked by the encroaching week.

Buddy (the big cat) snoozing on the pieced quilt-top.

That’s not to say we haven’t accomplished a lot this weekend.  My grading is caught up (with February break only a week away!), Jason cleaned out the basement yesterday while I deep-cleaned the kitchen and cleared a few rotting squash from our root cellar.  We’ve tackled laundry, basic household chores and I’m continuing to work on the king-sized quilt that I’m making his mother, but really… truly… I’m longing for warmer days (it’s below -20 with the windchill today) and projects that involve plants and chickens.

For those who might be worried, the girls are toasty warm in their coop, which is pleasantly about 15 degrees right now and the cats… well, we keep joking around that if the hens don’t go broody, we could always just place the eggs under the cats.

Exhibit A: Oscar will do almost anything to get in... and stay in... my sock basket. Socks are kind of egg-shaped, aren't they?

What do you do on cold winter weekends?  And, more importantly, what are you anticipating this spring?


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