Wedding-Planning Wednesdays (a day late)

On Valentine’s Day, I was greeted by an email to my personal account reminding me that my wedding was only five months away!  Five months, I thought, feeling that oh-so-familiar butterfly-panic sizzle quickly from my toes to fingertips.  Where did the time go?  Where does it continue to go, as this first Wedding-Planning Wednesday post was supposed to go up yesterday morning: before my morning workout, before a crazy-long day of work that left grocery shopping bounced forward another day along with all of those other household chores that I’d love to be a bit more proficient at.  I will say that I did stop for essentials (supplies for Jason’s lunch & last night’s dinner & the brownies that my fellow faculty members so desperately need at this time of the year).

I also want to note that I probably had the best Valentine’s Day ever.  Not because Jason & I spent scads of money or went out to a romantic dinner (he was on call and I was supposed to have a late meeting so we ate in), but because I’ve finally found someone who really understands me.  After weeks of my talking about wanting an old-fashioned egg scale, but also needing to save money for the wedding, guess what arrived in the mail?

Vintage Egg Scale

And on top of that, he brought home a really beautiful bouquet of flowers and didn’t grumble at Oscar too much when he knocked them over in the night severing the beautiful pink rose that sat in the middle of the bouquet (note: it has been saved and is currently residing in the top of an old milk-bottle until it can be pressed).

The Rose - Post Oscar

But in wedding news, I have a few pretty big tasks to check off my list this week.  I’m currently in the process of ordering invitations from the fabulous Wedding Paper Divas, whom we ordered our Save The Date photo-personalized post cards from in October.  Not only was the quality fantastic, but they arrived quickly and fit right into our modest budget.  For those brides currently seeking paper goods, they are offering 25% off on wedding invitations until 2/21 (note: I am not affiliated with the site, nor getting anything from this post; I just like their product and want to share a great sale!).

The two bigger projects that I need to complete this week involve blocking hotel rooms in town (something that my shy personality has allowed me to put off and put off, but the time is here!) and finishing up the wedding signs I started a few weeks ago.  With February Break on the horizon (eight hours and counting!), it’s time to finish up what craft projects I have that can be pre-assembled before the summer projects (wedding, chicken & garden) start.

Have a great week!


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