Thinking about Summer Flowers

I feel like I should start this post with a disclaimer: Hello, my name is Jess, and I have very little luck with flowers, flower gardening, and – worst of all – flower boxes.  I come at this honestly enough: every spring, we go to greenhouses, my head filled with images of the over-flowing flower boxes of my youth; I purchase scads of flats, come home, shelter, harden off, plan, and – inevitably – kill them or watch them limp along until fall finally kills them for me. At best, I end up with mediocre hanging baskets and passable containers on our porch.  And with about two acres of mowed lawn and two large veggie gardens, I don’t have a ton of time for them, but that doesn’t mean I want to live this way.  This, despite also being the year of the chicken baby-boom and vegetable garden, must also be the year of the flower beds!

Mom's Iris Bed with Lupine in the Background

With a wedding here in July, the flower boxes and beds (that – luckily – Jason & his mom put in long before he and I met) are going to have to be perfect, weeded, and brimming with bright, fragrant blooms.  I have a few ideas and have spent a lot of time with books, but I’m sure that out there, there are bloggers, brimming with secrets and wisdom that could help me get to this goal.  I’ve already found one or two through email who have sent me some of their tricks of the trade (I can’t thank you enough!).

So… I beg you.  If you have a bit of advice, a great book that you love and have learned from, or – even better – a blog where you have at some point discussed your luscious flower beds/boxes/containers and how to achieve such results, please comment on this point.  I would love some advice!

As soon as the snow melts, I’ll be doing a weekly flowers post, which will hopefully end with cascading walls of color and not shriveling, skeletal stems.


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