Blog Spring Cleaning & Organization

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I use this blog.  How excited I am when I see visitors and comments (thank you!) and how, often, I don’t feel like I serve you well enough.  The bloggers I love post regularly.  I know what to expect when I show up there, and I’m always thankful for the time and design they put into their blogs.  As I hope to grow the site over the next year, I’ve been trying to think of ways to help myself organize my thoughts, so I’m not scrambling to write posts early in the morning before work or late in the evening.  I also realize that with the variety of interests/projects I have going, not everyone will be interested in the same things, and if you show up to hear about chickens and instead find a post about the shoes I found for the wedding (tomorrow!) or my adventures in hotel-room blocking, you might wonder why you’ve bothered to stop by.

So in order to try and sweep things together into a few neat piles, I’ve decided to try this for a while.  Please note that it may take me a while to get things organized, and there could always be a random post on adventures in wedding rentals, but I hope this will bring greater order and more regular posting.

So here is my current plan:

Chicken Mondays – All news chicken, from our new coop to our future (fingers-crossed) hatchlings in May!  This will line up with the Homestead Barn Hop – one of my favorite blogging exercises and a great group of folks with a wealth of knowledge!

Wedding Wednesdays – A weekly chronicle of how the planning and crafting are going!

Foodie Fridays – I do a ton of cooking during the week, so I’m resolving to get at least one  recipe up each week, which would also encourage me to cook a bit more adventurously (which I’m sure Jason will appreciate, as I do have a particular love for four or five things that I could eat every. night. of. the. week.).  When appropriate, I’m hoping to link up with Sunday Soup Night at Easy Natural Food and/or Food Flick Friday at Traditional Foods.

Gardening Round-Up Weekends – Since Jason & I do the majority of our gardening and garden-planning on the weekends, that’s when these posts make sense; the only caveat is until the snow melts, there’s not much to see but seed packets, the planters I bought yesterday, and my ever growing pile of gardening books.

When the summer hits (and school lets out!) I’m hoping to add a weekly flower post and a canning/preserving day, but for now, I think resolving to write four posts each week will hopefully make for happier and more informed readers and a much less hectic life.

Thank you for your time and patience!  I’m so glad to have you reading along!


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