Garden Planning: Under Several Feet of Snow

February in Northern Maine is a cruel month.  There are delicate glimpses of spring: warmer sun, melting ice, and earlier light, quickly overshadowed by 14 inches of wet, thick snow.  After nearly a week of temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, this weekend’s storm has once again reminded me why we don’t put things into the ground until late, late May.  And while we did spend much of last weekend thinking about the gardens and gardening, I’m pretty sure May is still the earliest that we’ll see plant life.

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of chatting with Jason’s grandmother about her gardening plans this year.  She reminded me that I need to get my tomatoes in their pots in two weeks if I wanted to maximize our tomato crop, and while we started ours later last year (right around April 1), part of me thinks that flats of seedlings amid all of this cold, white snow might be just enough to get me through until spring.

For now, I’m going to focus my energy on cleaning out the back bedroom today, so it’s 100% ready for the plant table and lights when the time comes!

I am also hoping to sanitize all of our equipment from last year to ensure that any mold or disease is not passed down to this year’s plants.  I will do so by cleaning each pot/flat out with a 10% bleach/90% water solution.  And given the blight we had last year, all of our garden tools and trellises will get the same treatment, come spring!


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