Coping with an Impacted Crop

This morning, when I went out to the coop, I knew instantly that something was wrong.  One of our girls was hunched forward over by the waterer, her lids half-closed.  I went about my chores, changing the water and giving her plenty of room – secretly hoping that she was just dozing in that zen-state chickens sometimes adopt in the latest hours of the night.

Sadly, not the case.

By the time I scooped her up, I had begun to worry that it was impacted crop.  She had some watery droppings on her tail feathers, and she showed no interest at all in the morning scratch. My worst fears were realized when I discovered a knot the size of a tennis ball in her crop.

I’ve brought her inside, dosed her with a mixture of Greek yogurt and olive oil and am giving her regular massages.  It seems to be loosening up, and she slowly appears to be getting a bit more lively.  Meanwhile, she’s been visited by every animal in the house.  We’re all just hoping she gets well soon!


3 thoughts on “Coping with an Impacted Crop

  1. Sorry to hear about the chicken. Please keep us updated on the verdict. I have had a couple of dealings with this issue but never found a solution. I’m hoping you have more success.

    • Jeff– have you lost girls to this in the past? Right now, she’s in the bathtub (complete with towels, a bit of water and a bit of grit). She passed some watery droppings about an hour ago and seems much more alert. I gave her another massage and am keeping her nice and warm.

  2. Ours were always chicks, never had the problem with the adults. I read today’s update and am very optimistic that not only have you saved her, but you helped others as well. Thanks!

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