Dividing the Flock

Today, partially because of the warm weather and partially because I needed some time with the chickens, I divided our flock: five birds per subgroup (1 rooster and four hens).  Five remained in the cozy indoor pen and five moved outside to our liberated-from-the-snow A-Frame coop. Those still in the indoor pen got two hours of supervised free ranging this evening, so there was equal jealousy between those who spent the day outside and those who got complete freedom for two hours.  In the end, everyone seemed pretty content at slumber-time.

Now that everyone has settled in for the night, I’m hoping that the weather holds long enough for us to keep the groups divided so we can track lineage into our next generation.  21 days and then we start working on the spring hatch!

More on the move and photos of the accommodations this weekend.  Also coming up this weekend… seed starting!


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