Rounding Out the Week

Somehow, it’s Thursday.  I’m writing furtively before tackling my pile of grading because it seems like the moment I hit campus, I’m swept under a pile of small but important tasks.  To give you just an idea of what’s been going on up north, the temperatures have hit day three of 70+ degrees, and our snow is nearly gone.  Since I had Monday and Tuesday off, the girls spent those days basking in the sun and enjoying their gradually expanding yard.  I’m trying not to grow attached to the glorious warmth because its March and spring is one of the cruelest seasons; it was snowing last week, it could easily be snowing again next week.

We have a list of tasks a mile long, as we prepare for the wedding.  On Tuesday, I stained the deck railings (where I’m going to put flower boxes in a few weeks) and painted trim around the doors and windows.

Even though the garden has started to peek out from under the snow, it will be at least two weeks before the soil is workable, so I’m trying to keep busy with other chores.  We might even start the new coop this weekend if the weather holds.

One problem that I’ve noticed recently is that our egg production has dropped dramatically.  After laying like clockwork for six months, the girls just aren’t producing every day (we get two eggs from eight chickens).  I’m assuming it has to do with the crazy temperature variations and the changing daylight and hoping that this is just a fallow period before production picks up again this summer.  Have you experienced anything like this?  Do you have any advice?


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