Weekend Update: Gardens, Chickens and Cupcakes

It has been a pretty crazy week up here in the Great White North.  Between the warm temperatures (three days of record-breaking 70’s) and a very busy time at work, it’s been all we can do to make sure the animals are fed and household chores are done before we leave for work again.  Abby and I have started training for a 5K, using a great Pooch to 5K training program that is now Abby-approved.  Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever gotten her to run on consecutive days without hiding under the bed.

Abby, checking in with Oscar (amid the first sprigs of catnip) after a run.

Coconut Cupcakes with Chocolate Butter-Cream Cheese Frosting!

 At work yesterday, I used the opportunity of a baby shower to test out a cupcake recipe for the wedding and was thrilled to discover that Coconut Cake, a favorite from childhood, is even better in cupcake form (buttery, soft, moist and delicious!).  Since it was a baby shower, I decorated the cupcakes like little spring nests since several of our gifts had an owl theme and will include the recipe later this weekend.

 After work yesterday, I spent some time photographing the happenings with our chickens and in our gardens, so I can have some compelling before & after photos as we prepare for both our sustainability project (maybe this will be the first winter that we don’t have to buy veggies and fruits from the grocery store) and upcoming wedding.

Elliot, keeper of the A-Frame flock.

Henrietta, a happy & healthy member of the winter coop flock (with its yet-to-be-named rooster.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow for a little tutorial on setting up a grow-light for garden plants!  We’ll be starting many of our long-season vegetables in preparation for late May, when they can actually go in the ground!

Spring Gardens (garlic under the row of hay)

Strawberry Patch


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Gardens, Chickens and Cupcakes

  1. Hi, great to see you’ve started the Pooch to 5k program. I think you’ll both enjoy it. Don’t forget that the rest day between sessions is so important for recovery. Keep us informed 🙂

    • Audrey, thanks for your encouragement! We’re starting week four this morning, and both Abby and I are having a great time. Since it starts so gradually, I’ve been able to incorporate it into my aerobics/yoga schedule and Abby just gets lots of playtime on her days off.

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