Seed Starting ~ What’s Going in Our Garden

Given that we have about eight weeks before we will be able to safely plant some of our most tender vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, basil, etc…), we decided that it was time to take out the grow-light and get everything situated.  We use an old metal table (which does a great job reflecting heat back into the plants), a recycled florescent four bulb T8 fixture, and a timer that ensures the plants get a solid 12 hours of light/day.

On Saturday morning, we set everything up and refilled the seed starters that we used an saved last year with fresh potting mix.  Given that the soil had spent the last few days in our garage, we warmed it under the lights for an hour before planting.

Warming the Soil

We then planted the following:
1 Full Flat of Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach (Cold Frame in 2 Weeks)
1 Full Flat of Salad Bowl Lettuce (Cold Frame in 2 Weeks)

76 Italian Basil
9 Cilantro
9 Fernleaf Dill

18 Carciofo di Romagna Artichokes (CA)
*I started with nine but the seeds were so pretty…

9 Container Choice Hybrid Tomatoes (TH)
32 Golden Gem Tomatoes (TM)
27 Costoluto Genovese Tomato (TCG)
10 Orange Paruche Tomatoes (TO)

OR Peppers

36 Oregon Hybrid Peppers (OR)
27 Sweet Rainbow Peppers (SR)
10 Early Jalapeno Peppers (JAL)

Given the outrageous cost of plant markers, I also purchased a box of popsicle sticks (which we can recycle after use) to use as plant markers.  Above, each parenthetical corresponds with the popsicle stick plant markers I plan to use.

Once done, we gave everyone a nice drink of water, put on the greenhouse caps and turned on the lights.  Keep checking back for our weekly plant update!

Waiting for Sprouts!


5 thoughts on “Seed Starting ~ What’s Going in Our Garden

  1. I so wish we could have done it this year but it looks like we will be purchasing most of our starter plants. Looks like you will have an awesome variety of veggies!

  2. Make sure you move those lights as close as possible to your baby plants once they sprout! No more than 1-2″ above the leaves is ideal; otherwise, you’ll end up with really spindly, weak plants.

  3. Wonderful! I’m curious about turning the lights on while they germinate, though. I’ve always kept mine out of direct light until they’ve germinated, and then put them under the lights. I wonder which way works better?!

    Good luck with the garden! And thanks for linking up to the Barn Hop!!

    • Since the room where we do seedlings is usually very cool, we run the lamp for extra warmth. With the veggies that have sprouted,we have had a 100% success rate. :o) And we did lower the lights once most things were up and removed the greenhouse caps.

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