The Weekend in Review

It’s been a crazy few weeks up north.  Between work, a new roof and 5K training with Abby (Week 5!), it’s been just about all I can do to get a meal on the table and collapse into bed every evening.  But there are a few notable things that have been going on.  On Friday night, Jason’s parents dropped off the cupcake tower that his dad made for the wedding (a more complete set of instructions will follow next week); it still needs to be painted but it’s even more fantastic than I had imagined.  Oscar immediately tried it out and convinced us of just how far he needs to be from the wedding and the cupcakes.

Oscar, auditioning for the role of cake topper.

I was able to finish up the quilt I’ve been working on for Jason’s mom since February and was really thrilled to be able to gift it to her on Easter.

Hallie's finished quilt!

Speaking of Easter, I arrived home today to find a really fantastic surprise from my Mom: the bistro table I’ve been daydreaming about for the last year and a half… now if only the snow would melt, so I can plant my flowers and start enjoying an early morning coffee on the back porch…

Bistro Table, Waiting for Spring! Imagine window boxes lining the porch rail and a riot of color... and less snow.

And in the world of the garden, the seedlings are making great progress, though the lettuce seeds from last year failed to sprout.  We currently have a profusion of basil, tomatoes, peppers and spinach!

Seedlings, April 10.

Tomato Close-Up

Peppers (Foreground) & Basil (Background)

I hope you’re all having a great week!  I’m looking forward to sharing Part III of our Ussery Update on Sunday morning.


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