It’s just after five a.m., and outside I can hear one of the roosters crowing throatily at the still-dark horizon.  Oscar is competing, at least in volume, with a deep silky purr from somewhere in the vicinity of my laundry basket, and Abby… Abby my fearless runner… is so entirely fast asleep in the bedroom that short of snapping on her leash, nothing will wake her until the sun comes up.

Today is the first day of April Break, the last gasp of quiet before graduation and summer and the wedding.  It’s the last day of week five of 5K training, timed eights looming in the future, though they seem so much easier this year than they did last year.  The program is more reasonable, the dog is happier, and it’s nice to have company when I’m out running on these rural country roads.

I have a lot that I need to do over break.  I need to finish painting the cupcake tower from Jason’s father, plant some seeds that haven’t gone in yet (kale!), get to work on a new sewing project and – hopefully! – start re-dividing the chickens after our early division of the flock took a turn for the worst when the weather became unbearably cold and everyone had to go back inside together. That’s all beyond the spring cleaning that the house so desperately needs and the yard work that is still a bit premature.

But today… today I’m going yard-sale-ing with some good friends and taking time to get my hair cut… because after a solid month of work… a little time away from everything is just what I need!

Have a great weekend!


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