Wedding Antiques

Yesterday, while out at a local yard sale, I was able to secure two really neat finds for the wedding.  The first is something I’ve always secretly wanted (even though it doesn’t… and may never work).

1914 Remington 10 Typewriter

I’ve started some basic cleanup, using mild dish soap and warm water to wrest the dust and grime out of the mechanical workings and off of the keys.  I also used a paintbrush and small hand pumped air compressor (of the type you use to clean cameras) to gently push the larger chunks of dust and old paper (!) out of the inner mechanical workings.  A friend suggested using motor oil as a lubricant and general cleaner to bring out the machine’s shine without repainting or totally refurbishing (neither of which I really want to do… I’m perfectly happy with its antique qualities), but I’m waiting back to get more details from him before I progress any further.  Ideally, I would like to leave a little note typed in the typewriter, next to our guestbook, welcoming guests and inviting them to hand-sign the guestbook.

Cleaned Up a Bit

Close-Up of the Keys After Polishing

I also found an old soda box.  Thinking of the Coca-Cola Cooler, I picked that up, as well, without really taking a close look at the contents…

Squeeze Beverage Box

I can’t really express how thrilled I was to get home and discover how cute the included bottles were…

Squeeze Bottles... Discovered after the Purchase

I mean, seriously, folks, how perfect are these for a wedding?

Squeeze Bottle Close-Up

And now for a day of coop cleaning and tractor building…

Check in tomorrow for the final Ussery Update and later this week for a post on cleaning out and preparing chicken coops for summer!



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