Wrapping up April Break

I feel like I should apologize for the lack of posts this week.  Between two trips downstate (one for my car and the other for a funeral) and all of the home improvements we were trying to squeeze in before the rain started, life has been a bit more hectic than we’re used to.  So what have we accomplished in the last week?

The roofers finished our new roof on Tuesday, while I was downstate, and on Monday and Wednesday, I finished painting all of the trim.

I also repainted our initial chicken coop, in preparation for operation chicken separation (which I thought had happened successfully earlier this year until the temperature dropped so drastically that we had to move everyone back in together again).

We transplanted all of our tomatoes, as they had finally outgrown their small pots.  All in all, the veggies are doing great!

I painted the cupcake tree for the wedding, using an interior white paint we got for free at the local hardware store during a give-away promotion.

On Friday, Jason and a friend installed the new kitchen doors that we purchased almost a month ago, when the weather was warm enough for us to finally take the plunge.  Again, it got cold literally the next day.

And while they were doing that, I stained our back porch in preparation for installing window boxes.

That was my week… what did you do?


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