Holding Pattern

I feel like the last week has been marked by waiting: waiting for the incubator to arrive, waiting for it to warm up enough to actually work outside, waiting for the hens to start laying more regularly.  I’m not really sure what’s up with them lately, but I think our crazy, unpredictable weather, in combination with the great flock separation, has upset their laying patterns a bit.  We’re fluctuating between 2 and 6 eggs between eight layers right now.  I’m trying to be patient.

This spring has been a test in patience.  The snow melted uncannily early, but ever since our days fluctuate between the high fifties and high twenties (some of those days being much nicer than others).  And though the roof is done and we managed to re-paint our foundation and rotate our tractor equipment from winter (plow) to summer (finish mower and attachments), I’m eagerly awaiting time when I can start placing things in pots.

The weather hasn’t stopped Abby and I from training for our 5K.  Today, we celebrated week eight with a two mile run!  I can’t wait until we’re heading out in shorts and a tank top instead of two layers of long underwear, ski mittens and a hat.  There’s just something about ski mittens that don’t seem quite as conducive to speed.

The ranunculus bulbs arrived a few weeks ago, and I’m hoping to get them out next weekend, where they will still face nights cold enough to get them going, but hopefully not too many of those cold nights.  In addition to this, we’re also hoping to get some ground tilled under to facilitate early plantings (peas, lettuce and spinach).

Luckily, school has created plenty of distractions in the form of grading and class prep.  I also started a sour dough starter last week that I’m slowly babying along, and we did manage to mow the field where we’ll be married in just over two months, using the finish mower to chop down last year’s previously mowed hay in preparation for soft summer grass!


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