Swamped: A Mid-Week Update

Over the weekend, we managed to plant the peas, ranunculus (!) and onions, after setting up garden beds and fences.  Jason re-stained the garage and installed the new mailbox that his mom bought us for Christmas.  I cleaned out all of our planters and refilled them, then I placed all of our new window boxes on the back porch and got them ready so that when it warms up, planting them will be a breeze. I also baked my first successful loaf of sourdough.

But what I’m really taking a moment to write about, though, is daily life rearing up and reminding me that this week, I’m probably going to have to take a step or two back.  My AP class sits its exam next Wednesday, so this week is a riot of final prep evenings and grading to ensure that they go in at the top of their game.  I’m also responsible for making a vegan dessert for this year’s prom on Saturday — which I probably will blog because, though I’ve been experimenting with vegan baking for the last few months, I’ve never really done a serious vegan dessert before.  Coconut mousse, anyone?

So I may need to take a few steps back this week, but I promise to be back to regular posting next week.  And in three weeks…  when school lets out for the summer… I can’t even think of what that much time might do to the blog!

I will note that this Thursday, we’re going to start collecting eggs for incubation, as our fifteen days of rooster separation will have finally allowed us to decipher which rooster is siring which chick!   I’m hoping to do regular photo updates and a guided tutorial.

So stay tuned, and thank you all for your patience!  I’m really lucky to have such numerous and wonderful followers!


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