This Weekend in the Garden: Flower Beds & Mulch

For the last few weeks, I feel like everything has centered around the house.  We’ve stained the decks and replaced the roof and repainted the foundation and installed window boxes on the back porch where I hope to complete a novel this summer (in my copious spare time).  However, we’re finally at the point where we can look out into the yard and start taking care of the details that will be central to the wedding and people’s first impressions of our home.

This weekend in the garden, I’m hoping to get our flower beds under control.  They need to be weeded, de-burdocked, re-edged and mulched in preparation for a long summer of neglect.  Let’s be honest, as soon as the veggies come in, my time is spent in the larger, vegetable gardens, and I need our perennial beds to be self sufficient with only irregular weeding.

So today, we’re tackling the front garden and the herb bed (which has been left to its own devices way too long this year!).  We’re also hoping to get the blueberry patch weeded and fertilized.  Straw needs to be removed from the strawberry patch, where it has formed a nice frost blanket these last few months.  Finally, I’m hoping to drag down some river rocks to encircle the ranunculus bed that I dug last weekend.

If we have time, Jason’s going to try to get some of the trim painted on the house, but – really – this is a gardening weekend.

What are you hoping to accomplish at home this weekend?



2 thoughts on “This Weekend in the Garden: Flower Beds & Mulch

  1. Today I weeded and cleaned out all my flower beds, Monday morning I’m planting 70 strawberry plants in them no annuals this year. Then I mowed all the lawns.This evening I blanched and froze 10 quarts of fiddleheads. Tomorrow is Mothers Day I’ll be relaxing and visiting with family. Hope you have a great weekend. Janice

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