Update and Summer Blogging Plans

The first Monday after school lets out for the summer always feels like borrowed time.  Today is no different.  I bounced out of bed at four a.m. after a long weekend of cleaning the house, one of the first chores I like to get out of the way when work wraps up for any period of time.  Usually, it’s so I can focus on whatever project is at hand, but in a summer so riddled with projects, last night’s cleaning spree had more to do with shooing away mental clutter than it did coping with physical clutter (even though there was plenty of that).  A naturally neat and tidy person, there’s something about the last three weeks of school that always throws something off.

And what are these plans for summer?  Within the next eight days, we’re hoping to have our 28 eggs hatch into at least 20 chicks (hopefully more!); the wedding is now only six weeks away, preceded by my bridal shower on my thirtieth birthday(!); I’m flying down to Boston to visit my family and do some final shopping prior to the wedding in just a week; and I’m also still training for that 5K with Abby.  We’re doing okay, though we did take a week and a half off at the height of school-related craziness.  We’re refocusing this morning, starting with the blog and then moving on to running.

Most importantly, though, with a draft of my first novel sitting with a pretty awesome literary agent  (I’m trying not to be impatient about hearing back…), I’m getting ready to start my next project in earnest, by which I mean returning to my old writing schedule of early, early mornings, which means that everything else in my life is going to have to shift a bit: gardening, chickens, exercise, even blogging.

I have a vision for what I’d like this space to be, and I am still trying to get it there.  I know that I’ve tried to create a framework before; however, I’m hoping that the added hours of summer will give me the time I need to continue to take this blog to the next level… of organization and content and … maybe even design.

Here’s what I’m hoping for:

Monday: Homesteading Update (Starting Next Week)

  • This will hopefully include a regular round-up of chicken and gardening progress
  • Including a weekly photo of the chickens and garden

Wednesday: Wedding Wednesdays (At Least Until July 14)

  • More regular wedding planning/organizing updates for budget brides

Friday: Friday Flock Update

  • I will start this new feature off this Friday with a pre-hatch review of our incubator (the Hovabator 1588 with egg turner)
  • From there on, I’m hoping to fully document our chicken progress from chicks to broilers/layers

Sunday: Weekend Roundup

  • What we accomplished and plans for the next week

I’m hoping that this organization will help me work through some of my recent writing struggles and provide the balance necessary to move forward both with the new fiction project and more regular blogging.


One thought on “Update and Summer Blogging Plans

  1. That sounds like a great blogging schedule. I didn’t realize you were a fiction writer, too – we really eerily similar!

    I can’t wait to see your new chicks! We’re about to move our four out to the coop, hopefully this week. They’re just over three weeks old and out grew the bin they were living in. Right now they’re running wild on our screened in porch. 🙂

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