Wedding Planning Wednesday

On Saturday, we’ll be five weeks away from the wedding.  And while most of the big pieces of wedding planning have been delicately tucked out of the way, there are a handful of small tasks that I’ve been fretting about and working on.

The largest small task was the wedding arbor.  We’re planning a  rural backyard wedding.  The dress will be fairly formal but the setting is in a sweeping back field with a great view of the rolling hills on the northern edge of our property.  That said, I was left with the task of trying to find the appropriate arch or arbor that would both blend into our landscape and suit the needs of our wedding.

I did a ton of visual research, most of which you can see over on my Pinterest site, and I had initially envisioned the arch as a surprise for Jason… until I realized that it would probably involve at least the chainsaw, if not several other power tools that we don’t keep in the garage and an extra set of hands.  Abby just wasn’t cutting it.

Last weekend, realizing how quickly my bridal shower and his stag weekend were approaching (next weekend!?!), we decided that it was time to get to work and we came up with this:

Arbor: Phase I

Now, this project is nowhere near completion yet, as it’s still a bit unstable and needs some serious trimming around the edges.  In addition to that, I’m planning on adding some curlier softwood branches to give it a bit more decoration and whimsy.

Interested in making your own?  We started by cutting four relatively similar trees (on our own property!) of about four inches in diameter (I believe we used Beech), then we cut down five trees that were one inch in diameter for bracing.  We chose hardwood because of its distinctive bark, though you could do the same with your tree of choice.

Next we stripped the branches and cut our four posts to a relatively similar 7.5 feet.  We used their natural branching V’s to place the top arbor pieces and then continued piecing with the bracing until the arbor started to come together.

I know we have a long way to go, but I thought I’d at least share this first step!

In other news, we found Jason’s Mom’s mother of the groom dress yesterday.  If your mother or your groom’s mother is still looking, I can’t recommend JC Penny enough — the service was great, the dresses were really reasonable, and she found an adorable little number that makes her feel both comfortable and gorgeous!  I don’t think we could have asked for a better day of shopping!


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