Wedding Wednesdays: Favors

When I started planning my wedding, I had so many ideas for favors: jars of homemade strawberry jam, a little satchel of vegetables from our garden with a sweet ribbon, homemade cookies in a tiny bag… things that take tons of time and are highly dependent on the season.  Well, folks… summer arrived, and I suddenly realized that six weeks to pull together a wedding goes way too fast… and who wants to spend eighty degree days in the kitchen trying to make 100 jars of jam and hoping they’ll gel?  Not this girl!

I returned to my Pinterest board, where I had found an adorable, wrapped chocolate design months ago, thinking that it could be a cute, simple favor if time started running out.  Because, honestly, my thoughts on favors are pretty simple: they should be edible, because – really – how many people need something with my name, my fiance’s name, and our wedding date stamped on it?  Those items are lovely, but they tend to linger at the back of people’s drawers and cupboards, and I really don’t want to add to someone else’s clutter (I have enough trouble with my own).  And since we’re having a photo booth at the wedding, with easily accessible photos from our photographer, I’m truly hoping that those memories will be far better reminders of the day!

Finished Favors

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to have my mom and my best friend up, and we were quickly able to assemble 120 adorable chocolate favors.  We started out with a box of Lindt White Chocolate Truffles, three rolls of 200′ Spritz Streamers , and 100 yards of Bowdabra silver bow wirefrom Michael’s (total cost somewhere around $54, including the chicks we bought for the kids’ tables).

Favors for the little ones!

We set up a bit of an assembly line, with Mom cutting six inch strips of streamers and Allie cutting four inch sections of bow wire.  I was wrapping the chocolates.

I started by taking four pieces of streamer.

I then layered them on top of each other, overlapping by about 1/2”.

Next, I rolled the wrapped chocolate in the streamers, wrapping them tightly and twisting the ends until the entire wrapper was covered in streamer.

Next, we tied the ends with the silver bow wire.

Trim and you are done.

One hundred and twenty of these took just about two hours, plenty of time to watch a sappy (or in our case, slightly twisted) romantic comedy and look forward to getting to indulge in a little white chocolate on the evening of the wedding!


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