Returning from the Honeymoon

A week ago, in our back field, surrounded by friends and family, Jason & I were married.  I had visions of blogging my way through the two weeks prior, but life caught up with us.  While we’re living proof that it is possible to plan and execute an entire DIY wedding for under $5,000, we’re also an object lesson in the importance of good friends in making that happen.

Over the coming weeks, I look forward to sharing with you some tips and tricks we learned along the way (you really can make your own wedding cake!), as well as a few posts on our glorious and super-relaxing honeymoon on Prince Edward Island, a mecca of local foods and kind strangers.

I’m also anticipating several long posts on canning and preserving, as our garden moved on without us in our absence, and a huge part of my silence prior to the wedding had to do with canning strawberry preserves and trying to put up as many of our peas as possible before we walked down the aisle.

But what I want to leave you with now, before we finish our journey home, is the reassurance that you can have the wedding you want in your own backyard within your budget as long as you have great friends and family and are willing to be a bit creative.

Our homemade wedding cake, complete with a pair of hand-carved wooden chickadee toppers that we purchased during our first long weekend away, together.


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