Traveling with Tiny: Final Preparations

Well, most of the bags are packed, and A is snoozing happily through her morning nap, and Mama is hoping that all of the preparations that Jason and I have put in place will make for a smooth vacation for Mama, Daddy and baby.  What is allowing us to travel so light (if two suitcases, a bag of diapers and a diaper bag is light…) are a few preparations we took on the Vermont side of things.  When we initially scheduled the visit, we planned to bring along our Pack & Play, A’s high chair (the top section that snaps off the base), and a second car seat base for my mom’s car, not to mention her stroller.  But after several long chats with my mom, we decided to take another tactic.  She emailed the girls she works with (she’s a teacher), inquiring about baby loans, and she got a great response.

My theory was that any Mama with babies past infant stage, might still have basements full of baby supplies (I know we will between A’s infanthood and #2’s (hopeful!) arrival in two years.  She was able to score a borrowed Pack & Play and the same AMAZING Graco Blossom High Chair that we use at home.  This was, of course, after I’d sent her a Fischer Price mini chair, but extra seating for tiny people is always worth having!  And after visiting a great second hand shop in Newport, she was able to score a Graco activity center and a baby pool, which will give A all sorts of options for play while Mama and Daddy head out on a much needed date night.  But what I’m most excited about?  A good friend of hers gave her a great, used jogging stroller, so we can leave our much-loved but ENORMOUS stroller at home.

Our final packing list looks a little like this:

  • Clothes for the Whole Family – Too Much to Think About
  • Four Packs of Honest Disposable Diapers (probably too many but we’ve never disposabled before and I don’t want to run out and have to buy more, when I already have them at home!)
  • Three Packs of Wipes
  • Baby Backpack – Toys & Books for the Car (see earlier post)
  • Mini Cooler of Healthy Snacks & Frozen Milk (for said date night) & Two Bottles
  • Books – Because maybe Mama will get some time to read while Grammy is playing with A!
  • Laptop & Other Electronic Junk (Cell phones, etc.)
  • One Very Excited Baby!

While I miss the days of traveling with an overnight bag and the dog (she’ll be staying with her Maine Grandmother), I can’t wait to introduce A to her Vermont family!

Yesterday, A spent the morning trying on dresses to meet her Great Pa in!  (Again, we are bringing too much clothing.)

Yesterday, A spent the morning trying on dresses to meet her Great Pa in! (Again, we are bringing too much clothing.)

The only question I have left is what am I forgetting?



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