Traveling with Tiny: The Drive South

So we survived the eight hour drive.  Getting up at three was hard, but we were in the car by four a.m. and A slept for the first six hours, with a brief interlude for milk and snuggles while we grabbed coffee.  The hard part came after the second nap, when she woke up, needed a bit more milk and then twenty minutes later had an epic meltdown when we couldn’t just pop her out of the car seat.  I swapped to the back seat until we got to Errol NH, and then we all took a half hour rest at the LL Cote Sports Center.  She was a little fussy after that, but we were thankfully able to clock the last hour or so of driving with Mama keeping her busy in the back seat.

The PJ’s and taggy blanket were huge hits, as were the books and toys, though she really preferred her JellyCat to pretty much everything else.  So far the Honest Co. diapers are doing great, but we haven’t had the opportunity to see if they make it through one of her blowouts (fingers crossed).  We used her Ergo and Chewbeads on a trip to Burlington, and there isn’t anything on our list that I would say hasn’t been completely useful!


A’s first experience with bubbles!

Jason has already gone home, leaving A and I with a full week to spend with my mom and stepdad.   We’re lapping up the summer luxury – Mom is an awesome cook and the Vermont house has a gorgeous screened in porch and lovely backyard kiddie pool.  We’ve gone to Burlington (while Jason was still here), had a date night at the lovely Derby Village Inn, enjoyed maple soft serve and generally just loved the time away from home and our responsibilities there.

And though I was so so worried that being away from home and her swing would mean a huge change in her napping schedule, she’s transitioned seamlessly to napping in her Pack & Play, so here’s hoping we’ve jumped that hurdle for both vacation and regular nap time at home!


Date night!

I hope you and your family had a great weekend!  We certainly did!


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