Vacation Resolutions

We’ve been with my family in Vermont for about five days, basking in the quiet of my parents’ lovely home with its wide open screen porch and glorious kitchen.  It’s been years since I’ve taken this much of a vacation, and even though it’s hard to be away from Jason, I’m happy to have a few more days of quiet left before we head home and pick up our normal everyday lives.  These last few days have, however, helped me come up with a list of summer vacation resolutions for the seven weeks A and I will still have left when we get home!

  1. Exercise More – I’ve lost the baby weight, but I want to keep toning up so I can keep up with my little crawler as she starts running.  I ordered T25 two days ago, and I’m committing to the first two rounds of it as soon as we get home.  I’ll update you with how that goes.
  2. Worry Less – I spent so much time stressing about how A was going to eat and sleep on vacation.  Realization: she’s so much more resilient than I give her credit for.
  3. Live in the Moment – The best part about A is that she’s constantly focused on the now.  And that’s how I want to live our summers together – focused on what we’re doing, now how we could be doing it better or what we should be doing next week.
  4. Have Fun!  We have a few things lined up for the rest of the summer, some super-fun and some super-tedious, but I want to make sure that regardless of what the day’s plan is, we work something joyful into it.
  5. Read more!  – I read to A all the time, but I want to be sure that I’m getting some summer reading in, too, because once work picks up again, my reading time becomes much more focused on my curriculum and less on what I’d like to be enjoying.
  6. Eat Healthier – Our garden peas are almost ready, so when we get home, we’re focusing on more garden fresh, organic fruits and veggies.

What are you resolving for these next few weeks?

A Resolves to Spend More Time Poolside

A Resolves to Spend More Time Poolside



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