Flock Update

Between stalking the incubator and a few unexpected bumps in the road this week, my flock update got a bit… delayed.  I hadn’t anticipated the amount of stress that I’m currently associating with hatching eggs in an incubator.  And up until about 11 a.m. this morning, I was sort of terrified that nothing would hatch (despite our 100% hatch rate when a neighbor hatched some chicks at school earlier this year).  However, now that one egg has successfully pipped, I’m hopeful that we may, indeed, have a little flock of chicks to call our very own in the near future.

Pipped egg: middle right on the outer edge (far right… it looks a bit like a glare in the photo, but it’s really a 2 cm hole!).
Of course, the first pip was utterly un-photographable. Hopefully we’ll be showing photos of chicks before you know it!

The official hatch was supposed to happen tomorrow, so I’m very hopeful that I’ll be reporting back tomorrow afternoon with some great news.

In other flock news, the girls are currently rocking some very fashionable saddles after one had a particularly nasty run-in with our rooster’s spurs.  She appears to be healing nicely, but it forced me to reevaluate how many of the girls have been loosing feathers (primarily to Frank who was much more aggressive, but even now to Elliot).  As a result, I spent last Sunday afternoon whipping out saddles for almost everyone, though we’ve taken to calling them capes here, as all they really seem to need is a big “S” right in the middle.

Super Chickens!

Beyond that, the girls have enjoyed some nice afternoons of free-ranging, now that I’m on summer holiday and Abby has thoroughly enjoyed her return to being a full time farm dog (rather than a part time house-dog while we’re at work).

Abby and the incubator. Peep peep?

Right now, though, she’s glued to the incubator.  I think she hears peeping… how about you?