Wedding Preparations: Invitations

From the moment we got engaged, I knew what I wanted for Save the Dates: picnic-y vintage postcards.  It didn’t take me long to find an option over at Wedding Paper Divas.  Their service was prompt (we had the post cards in hand within a week), and the quality far surpassed what I expected, given the price!  The best part about the Divas is their regular sales; we managed to hit one for both the purchase of our Save the Dates and Invitations, saving 10% of the cost and all of the shipping on each order!  And our photographer, Jane Mavor, really captured exactly what we were looking for in our images (this is just one of dozens that we love and are so lucky to have!).

Our Save-the-Date

But when it came to ordering invitations, I dragged my feet.  We had about eighteen months, initially, to plan the wedding, and I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  Our wedding is going to be a backyard affair, full of crazy antiques that we’ve collected or salvaged, mason jars of flowers, bubbles, and …. undoubtedly … chickens.  I wanted something whimsical and elegant and… simple.

I looked all over before finally settling on another WPD design, Simple Pleasures: Willow.  And while the image below shows their details, not ours, our names, address and information filled out the card perfectly.

Included in our purchase was a free digital proof, and I was delighted by how easy WPD’s technicians and designers were to work with — they made a fairly significant alteration on both our Save the Dates and invitations.

The invitations arrived in about ten days, and the envelopes that came with the invitations without an extra charge were on good quality paper and had a really nice texture to them.

My only advice is to double-check with your fiance and families before ordering invitations.  We thought we’d finalized our lists, but came a little close in the end, as we remembered a handful of names after the order was placed.   Also give yourself plenty of time to address everything.  I spent one whole afternoon on return addresses and response card envelopes, then another evening on guest addresses.

All in all, with one more step complete, we’re looking forward to the wedding even more!


Wedding Updates

I am currently trying to pull myself out from under a huge pile of grading, so I’m going to have to keep this post a bit brief (my apologies).  The last 24 hours have been an unexpected flurry of wedding activity.  I received a call from Andrea’s Bridal that my veil is in(!); and although I’ve had my gown in my closet since December, hearing that the final piece has arrived has made everything just a little more real.  Now, I’m just eagerly awaiting its arrival, particularly since the day I went to select it, I was so sick that I don’t quite remember it as vividly as I’d like.

While at the grocery store, I also found a table of sale items, which included lamp oil, and since we’ve been collecting antique oil lamps for the tables for months, I was thrilled to be able to purchase eight quarts of it for the price of four (a savings of roughly $35).  And though the clerk asked if I were preparing for “a giant solar flare”, I just smiled and politely explained that, no, I’m using it for a wedding.  He looked a little perplexed.  So my best advice continues to be: come up with a list of items you need and constantly be on the lookout for them, particularly in post holiday/seasonal sales!  Through this method, I’ve managed to find more than 500 yards of bridesmaid dress-color-coordinated ribbon for $5, cake decorating kits for $1.50, a mosquito net for my cupcake tower for $15, and cupcake pearls for $3 (after Valentine’s Day).  So if you are planning a wedding, and you are fortunate to have a year to plan, think ahead to holidays that might offer some interesting options and keep an eye on sales!

And when I arrived home last night, after scheduling veil delivery and lugging eight quarts of oil and my groceries up the steps, I discovered that our wedding invitations had arrived!  They are lovely, crisp on creamy card stock, and as soon as I catch up my grading, I will begin operation addressing envelopes and a post to go along with it.

My first dress fitting is Monday — I’ll keep you posted!