Preparing for our Backyard Wedding

What no one tells you when you start planning for a backyard wedding is to be prepared to see your home/yard and surroundings in an entirely new and uncomfortable way.  I remember when Jason and I first started dating, my response to the snow melting and those first spears of grass thrusting up was: wow, this place would be awesome for a wedding!  The rolling hills, the huge expanses of verdant field, it all reminded me of a Martha Stewart magazine photo from 2007 (the year my mother remarried), featuring a wedding in the middle of a freshly mowed field (if anyone could link me to that image again, I’d be deeply grateful, though I fear it is lost to the internet forever).

Well, now that that snow is melting, we’ve started on a few pretty major projects in earnest, the largest of which will commence today, our new roof!  Living in an A-Frame, the roof is such a focal point to our home that when we decided to hold our nuptials here, we realized that it was also a good time to replace our roof and its 3-Tab shingles that are just past their 30th birthday.  Today, our contractor is coming to begin placement of a new set of 30 year shingles in the architectural style.  To say we’re excited is such an understatement!

On top of that, we’ve built a new chicken coop, and as soon as its warm enough, we’ll begin painting trim and staining porches and the old shed where we house the tractor and winter coop. There are also a ton of wedding and gardening projects in my future, but I find that small steps makes it all seem more manageable.

My only advice to brides is to plan your dress fittings around these stressful events because nothing cheers me up more than getting a chance to slip into that gown that so embodies the day we are both waiting for, even if I have given up the occasional second beer and chocolate binge to ensure that it fits as beautifully as possible.