Today’s Goals

Because Jason had Friday off, we’re miles ahead of where we would normally be in the garden.  Both the old and new veggie gardens are tilled and ready for crops.  He even took the time to till out a bed for the ranunculus I purchased a few weeks ago in a fit of winter blues.

Today is the day.  I write this while watching the weak spring sunshine pour through our windows in a hazy blue sky.  They’re not predicting rain; they’re not predicting terrible cold.  We can get those earliest and least tender of spring veggies into the garden!

So what are our plans for today?

I NEED to plant ranunculus.  We have several frosty nights that will still spur these puppies into action, so they need to go in.  Today.

Once our ranunculus is safely in the ground, I’ll move onto the veggie patch.

My goal is to do the following:

New Garden:
1. Measure out space for cabbage (which will be started indoors today and transferred later).
2. Erect the bean fence and build raised rows with an old-fashioned hoe and rake (no bridal arm workout for this girl, today).
3. Build the pea fence (just a low row of snap together garden sashing).
4. Note where the pumpkins will grow and avoid that space for now!
5. Plant peas!

Old Garden
1. Measure out carrot and onion rows.  Marvel at how much space that leaves for my army of tomato plants!  Remember that we have many other things to put in the garden.  Panic a little.  Return to carrots and onions.
2. Supply Jason with the requisite carrot planter and bags of seed.  He is so much better with this uber-tedious task than I am!  My fiance, the man who can plant carrots that need not be thinned!
3. Plant onion sets.  I will note that while I was at the feed store a few weeks ago, not only did I get the yellow and red onions we’ve grown for the last few years, I also picked up a parcel of Walla Walla onions.  Because they looked lonely, and I have a serious vegetable problem.

What are you hoping to accomplish in your gardens today?