Wedding Planning Wednesday: Reserving Hotel Room Blocks

In my mind, as I prepare for the wedding, I keep a mental checklist, largely of the chores that I find the most tedious and the things I want to do least.  Way up at the top of that list was blocking hotel rooms.  Now that I’ve accomplished that task, I really can’t articulate why, specifically, this was on my list.

Blocking hotel rooms was possibly one of the easier and more pleasant experiences I had.  I called a few local hotels, easily decided which ones not to go with based on customer service and a general refusal to return phone calls despite multiple messages left, and ended up having a lovely chat and tour of one of the newer, local hotels this morning. The rooms were immaculate and bright, the staff was friendly, and breakfast will be included as part of the guest rate (which is great since we’re having a late afternoon wedding and I anticipate some guests arriving the night before).

I went in with a list of questions and specific things that were important to me as a bride.  We are marrying at home, so Jason & I will not be staying in a local hotel immediately before or after the wedding, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want my guests to be comfortable and well cared for during their stay in the Great White North.

What we were able to do was put together a package that is both cost effective and comfortable for our guests, offering the option of a king room or a double queen (space pending), for folks who might want to split the cost.  And unlike a few of the other hotels we looked at, the hotel we are going with did not require any kind of deposit or credit card hold from us, which given our tight budget and my penchant for constant worry, was a tremendous relief.    On top of this, the hotel we’re going with will allow us to add rooms to the block as the weeks go on, just in case someone still needs a room and will let me drop off goody bags for guests (if my time allows leading up to the wedding).  A month before the wedding (and the same day we’ve asked for our RSVP’s to be returned) the block is removed and guests will have to pay the regular rate, but it is my hope that by the time folks RSVP for the wedding they will have already made their accommodations.

So brides out there who are putting off this task, just get it over with!  I would suggest going in person, as getting to see the rooms and their level of cleanliness helped me make this crucial decision.  It was also nice to have a contact person at the hotel whom I can go to if any questions or concerns arise as the big day approaches.

And after a long walk with Abby, I feel like another tremendous bridal-related weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  And in other accomplishments of the last seven days: invitations are ordered(!), portable toilets have been reserved (stop by later this spring for a blog post on making portable toilets feel wedding-ready), and we’ve finally finalized the guest list.

With my first dress fitting in just over a week, I feel like the pieces are finally coming together!

Abby: Ever Excited about All Things Wedding!