Wedding Updates

I am currently trying to pull myself out from under a huge pile of grading, so I’m going to have to keep this post a bit brief (my apologies).  The last 24 hours have been an unexpected flurry of wedding activity.  I received a call from Andrea’s Bridal that my veil is in(!); and although I’ve had my gown in my closet since December, hearing that the final piece has arrived has made everything just a little more real.  Now, I’m just eagerly awaiting its arrival, particularly since the day I went to select it, I was so sick that I don’t quite remember it as vividly as I’d like.

While at the grocery store, I also found a table of sale items, which included lamp oil, and since we’ve been collecting antique oil lamps for the tables for months, I was thrilled to be able to purchase eight quarts of it for the price of four (a savings of roughly $35).  And though the clerk asked if I were preparing for “a giant solar flare”, I just smiled and politely explained that, no, I’m using it for a wedding.  He looked a little perplexed.  So my best advice continues to be: come up with a list of items you need and constantly be on the lookout for them, particularly in post holiday/seasonal sales!  Through this method, I’ve managed to find more than 500 yards of bridesmaid dress-color-coordinated ribbon for $5, cake decorating kits for $1.50, a mosquito net for my cupcake tower for $15, and cupcake pearls for $3 (after Valentine’s Day).  So if you are planning a wedding, and you are fortunate to have a year to plan, think ahead to holidays that might offer some interesting options and keep an eye on sales!

And when I arrived home last night, after scheduling veil delivery and lugging eight quarts of oil and my groceries up the steps, I discovered that our wedding invitations had arrived!  They are lovely, crisp on creamy card stock, and as soon as I catch up my grading, I will begin operation addressing envelopes and a post to go along with it.

My first dress fitting is Monday — I’ll keep you posted!