Planning a DIY Wedding

In July, Jason & I will be celebrating our marriage.  We’ve been engaged for just over a year, and one of the things that I value most about our extended period of engagement has been the opportunity its afforded us to really plan a wedding that incorporates things we value as individuals and a couple (without breaking the bank!). We’re both committed to keeping the wedding budget reasonable (at or under $5,000), and through thrift shopping and creative-thinking, we’re going to get both the wedding we want and, more importantly, that we can afford.

Over the summer, I purchased my dress, and selected bridesmaids dresses with my best friend, Allie, and in the past few months things have been coming together.  We plan to get married at our home ~ with a large ceremony in the field behind our house and the reception in a pair of tents, catered by a local university catering company (again, to help keep the costs more reasonable). Our officiant is a dear friend, and our location will allow for both privacy and attention to detail.

1930's Westinghouse Cooler Before Restoration Efforts

But what I’ve really loved about planning our wedding is incorporating “found objects” and antiques,  most of which we’ve discovered on our own property, including an awesome 1930s Westinghouse Coca-Cola cooler that we, literally, dug out of the back field one afternoon on a walk (I spotted the top corner sticking up out of the ground and thought the italicized “Coca” worth investigating) and refinished. We plan to use it to store cold beverages at the reception.

This is the cooler after Jason & I refinished it. His father was nice enough to build us a hardwood lid (which is still in process in this photo).

This weekend, I’m planning a variety of wedding projects, as its the first weekend that I don’t have any grading obligations (besides a bit of lesson planning).  I’m looking forward to sharing some wedding sign making and the refurbishment of an old parlor stove that we found in the shed that is now our chicken coop.

So stop back in this weekend for some DIY wedding fun! And if you planned your own DIY, project-filled wedding – what was your favorite project?